This page lists research projects I have been working on. Reach me at []( if you have questions or are interested in collaborating.

public opinion in times of the pandemic

What are the political consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic? In this project, my collaborators and I have conducted a series of survey experiments to understand the effects of the pandemic on political preferences, beliefs, and voting.
  1. PLoS ONE
    The Effect of Risk Framing on Support for Restrictive Government Policy Regarding the COVID-19 Outbreak
    Kirill Chmel, Aigul Klimova, and Nikita Savin

public opinion during wartime

On the night of February 24, 2022, the President of Ukraine addressed the Russian population when the threat of the Russian invasion was imminent. He asked: “Do Russians want war? The answer is up to you”. The question of Mr. Zelensky made me question the validity of the public opinion data collected during wartime. In this project, my collaborators and I seek to explore whether the data which comes from Russia during wartime is valid and reliable for the purposes of political research or not.

    public opinion under the media influence

    I have collaborated on several research projects in political communications and media. While I am broadly interested in the role of media influence in public opinion formation, I previously focused more on infotainment. In this research, we study the effects of political content in such forms as memes or late-night shows on media habits, political interest, and political awareness.

      other projects

      As an external consultant at the University of the United Arab Emirates and as a research assistant of Tatiana Karabchuk, I worked on the data collection and analysis of the determinants of research productivity n the Arab Gulf Countries. We published a paper and formulated some policy recommendations for the UAE government to succeed in the academic efficiency of its higher education institutions.